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I’m interested in making sure everyone is listening to and involved in my personal feminism and this book tries to acknowledge and understand that idea.” As such, the pair dont' align themselves with factions of feminism like the Free The Nipple movement, which questions why women’s nipples are removed by online platforms like Instagram but men’s aren’t."Free the nipple is misguided movement," argues Soda. My boobs being able to be freely exposed it’s our main problem.The book demands readers to ask why some bodies - mainly those that aren’t young, hairless, lithe, and white - aren’t acceptable on social media platforms and where the censors choose to draw the line.“Certain bodies are more acceptable," Soda tells If we’re see a photo of a thin woman wearing a bikini it’s sexualised but acceptable.By printing out the Instagram guidelines, the artists hope to draw attention to what the majority of users haven’t read or considered before signing up to the platform.

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But what fascinated the artists the most were images that were “quieter”, as Soda puts it, than the photos of full frontal nudity.Is it because some things are more commercially palatable? While the book is clearly has a feminist take on the body, Soda and Byström say it is about more than one movement.“This book goes beyond feminism and is more about the internet as a way that society perceives bodies and how we regulate that," Soda adds.“We need to be looking to each other and understanding that my feminism is not feminism if it doesn't consider every individual woman’s struggle.I think feminism is different for a black woman or fat woman or sex worker or a trans women.

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