Demonoid share ratio not updating

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No, not demonoid, isohunt, kickasstorrents or hundreds of other websites still alive and kicking, but that … More efficient batteries will probably alleviate the issue altogether.

Soon, the only people using stand-alone GPS devices will be die-hard adventurers or the occasional extreme-sports aficionado. Optical discs And I mean pretty much all optical discs currently available on the market.

please send me a demnoid code, Ive joined sites and downloaded the tracker but it seems harder everyday to get one send to [email protected] somebody recieved one please send me a code becuz u know how hard it was 2 get one yourself and ive been waiting a long time myself and find impossibe to get one why are you doing this to these people? heloo, if you could email one, I’d appreciate it ALOT I am also a regular user of downloading and uploading torrent files so a demonoid invitation code would be very helpful and it will be greatly appreciated [email protected], i am a young mom of a 2 year old girl, i am currently trying to find games to get some time for myself when she is sleeping, i have not much time to check if the registration is open.

Im a member of demonoid and you know that there are only a few invites given out to each member. People if you want to get on Demonoid the best way is keep coming back to the website until you get lucky and the registration open. I have a Macintosh (second hand which i got from a friend) and there are not that much torrents available for a Mac as you probably know and at Demenoid i’ve seen a large amount of Mac games which i would love to play.

the reason why demonoid has been coveted, is because there’s not a whole bunch of pirate bay users on there uploading crappy, mislabeled or virus infected torrents on there. open registration isn’t often and only for about 4 days out of the year.

I have over 1000 movies to share everything from drama to horror and action. My computer is my life and the internet is the bulk of it. I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and have fast internet connection (close to 11000 Kbit/sec).

Demonoid is a great site and I spend hours reading its forum posts.

These last 12 months were a very good year for modern technology.

Many advancements, especially in health care, agriculture, robotics and privacy, were made, serving as a foundation for more improvements to come.

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