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The use of Mongolian in Inner Mongolia, has witnessed periods of decline and revival over the last few hundred years.

The language experienced a decline during the late Qing period, a revival between 19, a second decline between 19, a second revival between 19, and a third decline between 19.

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These languages have been grouped under the now discredited Altaic language family and contrasted with the Mainland Southeast Asia linguistic area.

In Inner Mongolia, official language policy divides the Mongolian language into three dialects: Southern Mongolian, Oirat, and Barghu-Buryat.

Southern Mongolian is said to consist of Chakhar, Ordos, Baarin, Khorchin, Kharchin, and Alasha.

Mongolian literature is well attested in written form from the 13th century but has earlier Mongolic precursors in the literature of the Khitan and other Xianbei peoples.

However, the exact number of Mongolian speakers in China is unknown, as there is no data available on the language proficiency of that country's citizens.

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