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They said the uprising that overthrew Muammar Gaddafi two years ago had failed to enshrine women's rights in law.Women in 12th-ranked Bahrain are more active in political life than in many Gulf states, but experts said sectarianism was a barrier to rights following the Sunni regime's crushing of a pro-democracy uprising by majority Shias in 2011.In Iraq, women’s freedoms have regressed since the US-led 2003 invasion and overthrow of Saddam Hussein, the poll showed.

Hundreds of thousands of women displaced internally and across borders are vulnerable to trafficking, kidnapping and rape, the UN refugee agency says.Experts were asked to respond to statements and rate the importance of factors affecting women's rights across the six categories.Their responses were converted into scores, which were averaged to create a ranking.In Tunisia, ranked best among Arab Spring nations, women hold 27 percent of seats in national parliament and contraception is legal, but polygamy is spreading and inheritance laws are biased towards males.Along with Syria, all Arab League member states except Somalia and Sudan have signed or ratified CEDAW.

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