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“They put out this statement that they changed the algorithm and now a lot more videos are going to be available,” says Matt Baume, who posts videos on LGBT politics, pop culture, and international issues.“I’m sure that they did, but mine aren’t among them.Some have watched their income from the site drop by 90% in just the past few months.Lesbian vloggers Bria And Chrissy and Ello Steph, who command more than a million followers between them, have quit You Tube since the new ad guidelines were implemented.It’s even worse for Armstrong: Her videos used to earn about 17,000 views.Since April, her posts have garnered less than 600 each, a 97% plunge.“I’m so glad my grandma got to know me as Erin,” Armstrong tells New Now Next.“That she loved me and supported me meant so much.” Two days after her grandmother passed away, Armstrong received an automated email from You Tube informing her that the video wasn’t approved for monetization—the content wasn’t “advertiser-friendly.” It was the first of many such emails that Armstrong, one of the first transgender women to document her transition on You Tube, would receive.

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Analytics firm Captiv8 found that comedy and gaming channels were hit hardest, experiencing revenue drops of 37% and 29% respectively.In her farewell, Ello Steph (real name: Steph Frosch) warned of a coming exodus.“A lot of LGBTQ content creators like myself have been financially struggling due to these new restrictions being implemented,” she says.“Just because these new restrictions are being implemented doesn’t mean we have to quit You Tube…But what you have to do is make a living.” It was called the “adpocalypse”: After advertisers like AT&T and Verizon took issue with spots being attached to ISIS videos and neo-Nazi propaganda, You Tube’s parent company, Google, changed how and which videos were considered advertiser-friendly.

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